We believe in the absolute importance of constant client collaboration.

Using a knowledge base of established experts in the engineering and machinist field, our products are engineered to tolerances of the smallest degree. Coronet’s veteran staff is able to seamlessly incorporate engineering solutions to fulfill our customers’ needs. Our products continue to exceed the demands of the most unforgivable markets. There is just as much planning for materials as there is in the eventual production of our projects. This process utilizes Value Engineering, an organized approach to the identification and elimination of unnecessary cost. Fashioned in our 15,000 square foot facility in Bethel, Connecticut, sixty miles northeast of New York City, our company produces the highest quality products with our use of custom-built toolings and product specific assemblies. Since 1973, we have meticulously updated our equipment and capability, while maintaining our established team of associates. Our in-house turning, and milling departments allow us to deliver precision-machined items such as housings, brackets, rings, lifting plugs, and a variety of screw machined parts, all within close tolerances. At Coronet, not only do we produce products of the highest caliber, but we have also been able to clinically devise and set standards for part specific innovation. Either in-house, or in concert with our trusted network of outside labs which we have worked with for over a decade, we document our product’s viability and durability.


Our certifications complement Coronet’s established reputation for consistently delivering quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s quality and regulatory requirements, while continually improving customer satisfaction and services. Read more


We finish with a full line of quality vendors with the capabilities for electroplating, heat-treating, coating, anodizing, passivation, phosphating, and painting among others.


We work with government contractors, private businesses, and individuals in different industries.


We excel at axis milling, drilling, boring, and turning with full contouring on our machining centers, turning centers and screw machines.