We believe in the absolute importance of constant client collaboration.

Manufacturers regularly tap into Coronet’s expertise and vast resources to manufacture their innovative prototypes exactly to their unique specifications. You can approach us with detailed drawings, or we can help with the engineering and design. With our real-world experience and decades of expertise, we can advise you on ways to streamline the efficient manufacture of prototypes of every conceivable type.


Our certifications complement Coronet’s established reputation for consistently delivering quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s quality and regulatory requirements, while continually improving customer satisfaction and services. Read more


We finish with a full line of quality vendors with the capabilities for electroplating, heat-treating, coating, anodizing, passivation, phosphating, and painting among others.


We work with government contractors, private businesses, and individuals in different industries.


We excel at axis milling, drilling, boring, and turning with full contouring on our machining centers, turning centers and screw machines.